Hermès Birkin 40 Black Matte Porosus Crocodile Gold Hardware

This is a very special Hermès Birkin 40cm in the most beautiful matte Black Porosus Crocodile and Chevre interior. The hardware is incredible gold, striking in contrast to the matte black. The bag is brand new with cites, box, and all accessories. The scales are truly beautiful and perfect!
Why we love 40cm Birkin’s – It’s super chic, makes you look smaller, and with The JaneFinds Baginizer it can transform into a beach bag or a diaper bag! The 40 will always make a statement!
Porosus crocodile is the most luxurious exotic skin from Hermès. It is created by polishing the spots with agate for a”Lisse Finish”to the leather of crocodile known as “salt water crocodiles” inhabiting in brackish waters and originating from Australia and Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore.

Color: Black
Size: 40cm
Hardware: Gold
Lock/Key: Included
Box: Included
Condition: Store Fresh
Stamp: Q