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Hermès Birkin 40 French Blue Fjord Gold Hardware

What’s not to love, gorgeous French Blue is deep, warm and lush. Accentuated even more with lovely gold hardware. Pre-loved in excellent condition.
Why we adore Fjord Leather and it’s matte velvety texture – Fjord is textured, matte, anti-scratch and is made from an adult bull. It is more durable than Togo or Clemence, even waterproof! Fjord has a slight velvety touch and matte texture. Fjord has a very visible grain. It has a wider, flatter grain than Togo or Clemence. One of the most common characteristics of Fjord is that it has vertical veins when viewed at a distance (sometimes vertically throughout the whole bag). The amount of veining can vary based on the skin. It’s possible to have a Fjord bag with no veining at all. It is also one of the heavier leathers.