Hermès Birkin 40 Rouge Vif Ostrich with Gold Hardware

Exotic Birkins are a rarity unto themselves, but due to Hermès’ strictly high standards, in recent decades they’ve stopped using Ostrich skins larger than 30cm, as they’re no longer able to find large skins with dense and even quills. This 40cm Birkin is an exceptional example from the early 1990’s, a massive showcase of the Ostrich skin, here in bright Rouge Vif red set with warm gold hardware. Carefully kept and maintained in very good condition, this rare bag not only checks boxes as a collectible, but is also stunningly beautiful; big and bright in person, like a giant juicy strawberry!
JaneFinds Leather Guide

Color: Rouge Vif
Hardware: Gold
Material: Ostrich
Condition: Very Good
Collection: 1993, W Circle
40cm: 16″ W x 8″ D x 11.25″ H