Hermès Birkin 45 HAC Red Buffalo Gold Hardware

What a bag at a great price – Travel in style baby, there is nothing better than a beat up Red HAC Birkin to take on the plane, or the Hamptons for the weekend.

Hermès Water buffalo hide. This leather has the interesting characteristic of absorbing the dye darkest in the center of the grain. Buffalo is known for its softness and rough grain size. Currently Buffalo is being used as trim in some bags that are crafted mostly of fabrics. Due to its water resistance, is commonly used in bags such as the Garden Party line.

About HAC Travel Bags — The “HAC” bag was originally produced for cavalry solders to store their boots and saddles in. Still around but rarely seen the Hermès HAC bags have been referred to by one blogger as the “Unicorn of Hermès bags” as they are so rarely seen. This could be due to the fact that they are a pretty impressive & most practical of travel weekend bags. Condition rank: Good.

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