Hermès HAC Birkin 40 Vert Olive Ostrich Gold Hardware

The HAC Birkin, commonly referred to as the “original Birkin,” has a rich history dating back almost 100 years. Initially designed to carry a saddle, these bags have become a favorite for their spacious interiors and durable handles, making them the perfect travel companion. This absolutely stunning and rare example boasts Vert Olive Ostrich, a grand travel companion. The HAC Birkin was first created in 1892 by Émile-Maurice Hermès, who was inspired by the totes used by Argentinian cowboys during his trip to South America. Over the years, other bags, such as the Kelly in 1956 and the Birkin in 1984, have been created with the HAC as their muse. While the Birkin was modified to be shorter and smaller with slightly longer handles, it still embodies the original form and size of the HAC, ranging from 40 cm to 55 cm. However, its large size can also be seen as a hindrance, as it may not be as popular among men. Spotting a HAC Birkin in the wild is a rare sight, but when you do, it’s hard not to stop and admire its grandeur.

Color: Vert Olive
Material: Ostrich
Condition: Excellent
Collection: 2016, X
40cm: 16″ L x 9.5″ W x 14″ H

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